Welcome to Aikido Kokikai Lismore!

18/6/2017 - The dojo will open next Friday night on 23/6/2017 for a 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm class. The training will occur on the first floor while repairs continue to the ground floor to repair flood damage. Until the ground floor is operational will will only train on Friday nights.

Aikido is a contemporary Japanese martial art. Aikido techniques are defensive only. The techniques emphasise harmonising with the attackers force and then redirecting the force to take control of the situation.

Kokikai Aikido, Lismore Dojo is a branch of Aikido Kokikai Austraila, which in turn belongs to a very large international Aikido Kokikai family. Ian Newton is the Dojo Leader and has been studying Kokikai since 1999 and holds a 3rd Dan. The Lismore Dojo is the first regional Kokikai Aikido Dojo in Australia, and has been established in Lismore since 1991.

Classes times

Friday 5:30pm to 7:30pm

and  at the Lismore PCYC– Cnr Dawson & Orion Sts Lismore (see map).

Please arrive at 15 minutes to change and sweep dojo.

Aikido Kokikai primarily offers an opportunity for us to develop our innate potential. Kokikai Aikido is practiced with a co-operative attitude, as we realize that we are each helping each other to improve ourselves.We extend a cordial welcome and invitation to all martial artists and in particular aikido practitioners who have trained in other styles to come and train at the Lismore dojo.

Aikido Kokikai is far more than a self defence, it’s benefits are carried into and help us every day.

Please take your time to browse this website as it is full of information that will help you to understand about Kokikai Aikido as well as the best way to approach your training.

For more information please call the PCYC on (02) 6621 6276.