The Benefits of Kokikai Training

by Shuji Maruyama Sensei
Founder and President

Aikido can provide us with greater physical freedom. Regular practice leads to greater flexibility and endurance, especially in the role of uke. This becomes more valuable especially as we grow older. Even those who begin Aikido when they are already past their physical prime will, with regular practice, begin to move with greater ease. As our movements become more fluid and relaxed, we are better able to respond quickly and appropriately when faced with a physical threat.

As we progress through continuous practice, we begin to reap benefits beyond a physical level. As your body learns new patterns of movement, your mind learns new patterns of thinking. We learn that things are not always as they appear. The physically strong are not necessarily powerful. Opponents are not necessarily enemies. Just as our bodies can become more flexible, so can our thinking. In time what were once perceived as difficult situations can become easily solved.

It is important to understand that training is enough. Follow your instructors teachings with humility and joy, and the benefits of Kokikai Aikido will flow into all aspects of you life. As Sensei Maryama teaches us: it is important to develop yourself in a way that will help in daily life.

The 4 basic principles of Kokikai Aikido
by Shuji Maruyama Sensei
Founder and President

1. Keep One Point to develop calmness
2. Relax progressively
3. Find Correct Posture in everything
4. Develop your Positive Mind

Make yourself strong through correct practice. Control yourself and understand Kokikai’s underlying goal of character building as the root of personal growth and success.

Practice in accordance with the Kokikai Principles and follow natural law. Many people think power results from muscular effort; the Kokikai practitioner understands that true Kokikai Ki Power results from being natural and relaxed. Awaken yourself and realize your full potential.

Practice correctly and with dedication in order to become strong. Develop yourself and then realize the importance of helping beginners. Care for and nuture beginners with the same dedication you would wish for yourself.
Rank examinations, demonstrations, real fighting and many difficult life situations require profound calmness for best performance. Therefore try every day to develop your calmest natural state of mind and body.

The dojo is a place in which we cultivate mind and body. Therefore, please follow dojo rules with respect and humility. The rules exist to foster an environment suitable to this dedicated study, and are enforced for the protection and development of your body and mind. Understand correct etiquette, manners, and civility. Keep your body clean, and your mind clear.

Your approach to training is important

Your first task is to cultivate yourself. The path to fully realizing the potential granted to you is endless. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Be patient, development is gradual, over the span of a lifetime Be sincere, steadfast and dogged. Cultivate your personality and your character. Become strong, and then gently help others to reach the potential granted to them by nature as their birthright.

Kokikai is good for you and for society. Understand the benefits of studying Kokikai, and whether you study for health, self-defence, confidence, focus, or other reason, develop yourself and then share these benefits with others for the betterment of our society, humankind, and the whole world.